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Quoting RoWi1973:
DVD Profiler will forever be the best catalogue program ever!

Totally agree. Thank you, Ken !
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I've been using DVD Profiler for 20 years now, and I look forward to using this fantastic program for many more years. I bought the software at the time of Intervocative, and I followed the development at Invelos with many improvements. Today, although its development seems stopped, it perfectly meets almost all of my needs. At most, I would have liked a better treatment of Asian names with the possibility of inverting the display from first name-last name to last name-first name, but that's really secondary.
The software allows me to manage all the films I own, whatever their medium, and I make extensive use of the sorting, searching and linking functions specially about actors and crews. I also largely completed the profiles with screenshots (10 per movie) and headshots for actors and crews. However, to obtain usable results, I nevertheless had to completely abandon the online database, totally polluted by disastrous choices in the rules of contribution, which go so far as to impose the introduction of spelling errors in the names or to reproduce identically obvious errors existing on covers or in the credits. Fortunately, the software makes it possible to manage everything locally and to be completely free of this online "database".

I therefore thank Ken for this wonderful program (hoping that he reads me one day) and the developers of plugins who have helped me enormously in the management of the profiles, and more particularly DJ Doena and GSyren  .

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