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Thank-you for the update on the server issue and fingers crossed that the Android version will be addressed.  I first purchased a Pixel 6 which lost the Google Store version of DVD Profiler.  I was able to repurchase the App from Amazon Appstore.

Fast forward to 2024 and I updated my Pixel 6 to a Pixel 8 only to find that I again lost the DVD Profiler App.

I've been using DVD Profiler since 2007 and haven't found a better Program/App to manage my DVD collection. 
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I upgraded my Phone to the Google Pixel 8 and DVD Profiler on the Amazon Appstore says that it is not compatible...It is also no longer supported on the Google Playstore.  Are there going to be any updates to this software?  I have really enjoyed using it and find it extremely annoying to not be able to use it on my phone.
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