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Is an Ultra HD Blu-ray with an included Blu-ray that just contains special features but not the film a combo?

For example the new "Suspiria" Ultra HD Blu-ray release by Synapse (654930-321294) or "13 Hours" (032429-317179).
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"4K Ultra HD", "Ultra HD" or "UHD" just describe the resolution (3840×2160). If we use those we would have to change all "Blu-ray"s to "HD" or "Full HD" or "FHD" and "DVD"s to "SD".

The medium itself is an Ultra HD Blu-ray: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultra_HD_Blu-ray
Like the Blu-ray (Disc) or the DVD.

If we want to do it similar to the mentioned poll, it has to be "4K Ultra HD Blu-ray", "Ultra HD Blu-ray" or "UHD Blu-ray".
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Quoting Katatonia:
I still see nothing to support your view and the numerous examples already in the database refute it.

Yes, I can imagine that. I already named you a lot of examples in a PM, but you don't seem to realize or accept this. But try these for example (I'm don't feel like looking for more. I lock my profiles anyway, so you could not mess with them.):

Mission: Impossible 3 032429306302
Mission: Impossible: Ghose Protocol 032429306326
Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation 032429306340
Mission: Impossible: Fallout 032429309853
Escape from New York Collector's Edition 5055201841506
The Matrix 4250578597358
The Matrix: Reloaded 883929623518
The Matrix: Revolutions 883929623525
The Fog Collector's Edition 5055201841254
Forrest Gump 032429306425
Braveheart 032429306463
Saving Private Ryan 032429207715


Many users buy 4K + Blu-ray Combos for the Blu-rays now, and the 4K for later when they eventually get the equipment.

If the "Blu-ray" Bonus Features are not in the "Blu-ray Child Profile then all it does is removes useful information for those users. That is specifically what Child Profiles are for in these Combos.

Child profiles in those combos are for the feature Blu-ray only. If this feature Blu-ray has extras, they belong into that child, if not... Bonus discs only belong to the main profile unless they are obviously labeled like "The Martian".

This might be unfavorable for those Not-4K-users, but features are mostly on Blu-ray only anyway. The Ultra HD Blu-ray is movie only most of the times.

I just have two Ultra HD Blu-rays which had additional (new) extras. They had featurettes and/or deleted scenes and/or trailers. And guess what, you included reused Blu-ray which was released earlier also had featurettes, deleted scenes and/or trailers before. So could not really see if the feature you desire is on the Blu-ray.


Sorry, but those US 4K Combo releases cited by you do include a separate "Blu-ray Bonus Features" disc. You can check them in the database:

2001: A Space Odyssey (883929-671526)
Close Encounters of the Third (043396-496941)
The Martian (024543-278252)

Sorry, but you should check the correct profiles I mentioned.

2001: A Space Odyssey 5-051892-214957
Close Encounters of the Third Kind 044396-514980

The Martian is fine for me, because it has printed "Disc 1 Theatrical & Extended Cut" and "Disc 2 Special Features" on the Blu-rays. The discs from the other combos are not labeled like this at all.


...and like I said there are numerous more Blu-ray + DVD + "Bonus Features DVD" Combos already in the database as such. Your comment that these are rare or always "store exclusives" just doesn't hold any water.

I don't know any of these and I bought several BD/DVD combos, even from the US, but I mostly stopped because of the unnecessary DVD.


I just see your interpretation of the rules, I view them completely different here and they do not support your view.

You think? They support it perfectly and all the other contributors do it the same way. Except of you.


A "4K UHD" technically being a "Blu-ray Disc" is completely irrelevant here since it is treated as a completely different format within the program and rules.

It is relevant because you insist the Bonus Blu-ray belongs to the child just because it is a Blu-ray.
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Quoting jurgen42u:

It can not hold all the data such as audiotracks, videoformats, subtitles, so why do we allow the extra's to be added anyway, when subprofiles are available and hold such data of the individual discs?

That is, why we add a child profile for the included feature BD. But those child profiles are optional.
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My contributions removing these bonus BDs from the child profiles were approved without any NO votes but at least a few yes votes from people who do not just click YES in every contribution.

Most of your examples I do not own, but I owned
2001: A Space Odyssey (UK)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (BestBuy steelbook)
which do NOT have the bonus BD in the child profile.

The Martian might be correct because the BDs have printed "Disc 1" and "Disc 2" on the label.

There are not that many UHD combos which have more than two discs anyway. I own about 170 UHD combos and maybe 10-15 have a bonus BD. 1 of them has it more or less correctly (The Martian) , 1 does not (Prince of Darkness CE UK), all the others do not have the bonus BD in the child profile. And no one attempted to change this. I even get only YES-votes when removing the bonus BD from the child. I wonder why... Maybe because you are the only one to see it like you do?

I also own a lot BD/DVD combos (which are crap by the way!) from the US or the UK. Not one (!) has a bonus DVD included. Most of the included DVDs don't even have bonus material at all.

It makes perfectly sense not to include the Bonus BD into the child, because it is the bonus BD for the combo not for the included feature BD which could be considered bonus as well. Furthermore it is not a box set.

The rules do support this: Sets containing the same film on multiple media types (such as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack) are to be entered as a normal profile for the main media type (Blu-ray in this example), with all included media types checked. A combo which includes HD media (HD-DVD, Blu-ray) as well as DVD should use the details from the HD media in the main profile. However, you may add an additional profile by Disc ID for the DVD content and add this profile to the Box Set contents for the Blu-ray profile.

But this means you add the DVD (or with the 4K combo the BD) for the main feature only. If it has bonus content on it you add this as well to the child profile but not additional discs.

I understand we use those child profile mainly to see different running times and audio and subtitles options or to mark those as watched, if we do not watch the main disc.

Btw. Do you even know that an Ultra HD Blu-ray is a Blu-ray Disc as well? I know of at least one which is a BD50 instead of a BD66.
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Quoting Katatonia:

It was approved with no issue, despite the no vote. It's not any different than a Blu-ray + DVD combo profile where an extra DVD of bonus features is included in the set, and there are plenty of those already in the database.

I removed a few bonus BDs (mostly just disc IDs that were not removed when copying data from the regular BD release) from the childs for US combo sets from the DB. They did not have any NO-votes and were approved a lot faster.

ObiKen is right. We are usually treating these combos like a regular profile with an optional child profile for the inferior feature disc. In this case inferior is the BD, before it were the DVDs. Also I really can't remember any BD/DVD combo set which included a Bonus-DVD. The included DVDs usually were and are just barebone movie discs. The only cases of Bonus-DVDs I saw were the Target-exclusives bonus discs which are included from DVD to UHD-releases.
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