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Invelos Software, Inc. RepresentativeKen Cole
Invelos Software
Registered: March 10, 2007
United States Posts: 4,282
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You may have noticed a new symbol appearing next to certain users' names in their forum posts. It looks like this: 

We're proud of our community of contributors, without whom our database would not exist.  Each contribution shapes and expands the ever-growing repository, and we all share the results of those efforts. 

Among these contributors are a select group of users who's prolific contribution quantity is exceeded only by their razor-sharp accuracy.  We thought it was high time (past time) that we recognize these users in some small way. 

If you see this symbol next to your name, you can know that your contribution accuracy has been recognized as above and beyond.  If you don't yet have the symbol, keep at it, and focus on contributions that adhere to the contribution rules and add significant value. 

Additionally, this symbol is more than just cosmetic.  In the near future, we're rolling out a fast track approval process for some of the contributions from star contributors.  The net result is that these will be approved consistently more quickly.

Thanks again for all your contributions!
Invelos Software, Inc. Representative
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