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Forum Moderation Trial (Locked)
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Invelos Software, Inc. RepresentativeKen Cole
Invelos Software
Registered: March 10, 2007
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Starting today, we'll be running a trial of more stringent forum moderation.  For the next several days, the following additional forum rules are in effect.  This post will be altered as needed and removed when the trial is over, at which point the rules will either revert or be altered permanently, depending on the results of this trial.

- Moderators have been assigned to each forum from the contribution evaluation staff.
- Negative feedback does not affect reputation score.  Instead, it serves only as notice to forum moderators to investigate a posting.
- Political and Religious discussion is not allowed
- Keep all posts polite and to the point.  Off-topic posts will be removed, and rude/incendiary posts will be removed and may result in additional moderator actions.
- We will be handing out 24-hour posting bans as maximum penalty during the trial period.  We will do this by artificially adjusting the reputation score.

At the start and end of the trial, all negative reputation scores are being reset to 0.
Invelos Software, Inc. Representative
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