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I think I have two accounts (help merging)
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Registered: November 28, 2009
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So I think I have this account which is where I purchased my reg key on and another (no idea why).  When I got back into collecting, I had been using my other one - inputting prices and all the personal details there.

I just went to do an online / phone transfer and realized they were different accounts.  Is there a way I can wipe this account and merge the items from the other account over to this one so my account will have full access to all features?

Hopefully that makes sense

Thank You
DVD Profiler Desktop and Mobile Registrantmediadogg
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Sounds tricky. The only thing I am absolutely sure of, is that you should have an iron-clad backup of "the other one" before attempting any merger process.

On the PC side, the database that is used by the application, is not tied to an account. You can export a database while logged in as one user, log out, then log on as a different user and import (or use a shared copy of) the same database.

So, my advice would be arrange to get your database of choice onto the PC. Then use the Windows version of DVD Profiler, with the correct database loaded, to synchronize with your mobile.
Thanks for your support.
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